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Les Caves de Taillevent - Wine Boutique

Tailored Tastings

Les Caves de Taillevent - Wine Boutique

Different options to choose :

  • Oenological aperitif including the tasting of 3 wines with an amuse bouche (From 7.30pm to 10.30pm). You can followed your experience by a dinner at Le Taillevent restaurant or Les 110 de Taillevent restaurant.
    Gougères or taramas served on blinis.

    From 80 euros.

  • Oenological evening including the tasting of 5 wines and a buffet-dinner (from 7.30pm to 10.30pm).
    * Fine cured meats, mature cheeses and sweets made by Le Taillevent.
    From 120 euros per person

    * 10 to 15 cocktail pieces made by Les 110 de Taillevent.
    From 160 euros per person

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Les Caves de Taillevent - Wine Boutique

Thematic Wine Tastings «designed to order»

  • Initiation to Wine Tasting : around France in one evening
  • « Very bubbly »
  • On the trail of great and rare wines
  • World Tour
  • The Cellar List « ready-to-use »
  • Great Matches
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